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Our expertise lies in smart real estate investments, and we are committed to guiding football players in making informed investment decisions. By investing in Southern-European properties, we help players establish a solid financial foundation for their future while yielding a healthy return.

At Sabbat, we not only invest in real estate but also in the future of football players. Our mission is to empower players and assist them in building a sustainable financial future. Choose Sabbat and make a difference in your life after football, for you and your descendants.

Best Properties in Spain - Sabbat Investment Group

Best properties
in Spain

Discover prime Spanish properties with strong investment potential and exclusive deals.

Network Full of Specialists - Sabbat Investment Group

Network full
of specialists

Join a network of experts dedicated to football players’ financial success and guidance.

Provision of Full Service - Sabbat Investment Group

Provision of
full service

Experience full-service support for smart real estate investments with seamless collaboration.

Unburdening Strong Return - Sabbat Investment Group

strong return

Embrace an unburdening journey towards a strong return and lasting financial security.

Real Estate Investment - Sabbat Investment Group
Real Estate in European Tourist Hot Spots - Sabbat Investment Group

Our vision is to become the premier destination for real estate investment expertise for European football players. We want to be recognised for our exceptional track record, unwavering commitment to our clients’ success, and ability to identify and capitalize on lucrative opportunities. We strive to be a trusted industry leader, driving innovation, and setting new standards in the realm of strategic real estate investments. By continuously expanding our knowledge, leveraging technology, and staying ahead of market trends, we aim to empower our clients to achieve their financial goals and build a prosperous future after their careers.

In alignment with the etymology of our brand name, Sabbat, which symbolizes rest and the harvest of labor, our mission and vision revolve around planting the seeds of investment during our clients’ active years in football, so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor and secure a rewarding retirement. We are dedicated to helping individuals and institutions sow the seeds of financial success, nurture their investments, and ultimately reap the benefits of their strategic real estate endeavors.

Our mission is to empower athletes to achieve financial prosperity through strategic real estate investments. We are committed to providing personalized guidance, innovative solutions, and exceptional service, helping our clients navigate the complex world of real estate with confidence and success. With a focus on integrity, professionalism, and long-term partnerships, we aim to create lasting value and financial security for our investors.

With its base in the Netherlands, Sabbat Investment Group collaborates with clients from various countries. Recognizing the financial challenges faced by football players.

“We recognised an opportunity and didn’t let go of the idea. It’s shocking that 7 out of 10 professional football players go bankrupt within the first 5 years after their careers. Our solution lies in breaking this pattern of financial difficulties and bankruptcy that far too many players have to go through.”

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Real Estate Investment - Sabbat Investment Group
Real Estate in European Tourist Hot Spots - Sabbat Investment Group


Tayo Janssen - Founder of Sabbat Investment Group

Tayo Janssen

Tayo’s LinkedIn

Tayo Janssen is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been creating businesses since 2012. Having initially ventured into the world of e-commerce, he later found success in the world of advertising while nurturing a growing interest in investment opportunities. As time went on, Tayo’s focus shifted towards researching real estate. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, he had the privilege of residing in various locations worldwide, including Portugal, Spain and Thailand. It was during his time in Spain that Tayo witnessed the vast and untapped potential of the real estate market in the region, fueling his dedication to further explore and capitalise on these opportunities.

Vincent Bogaerts - Founder of Sabbat Investment Group

Vincent Bogaerts

Vincent’s LinkedIn

Vincent Bogaerts had the privilege of experiencing multiple professional football academies during his youth. As he matured, he recognized the significance of financial guidance for athletes who amass substantial wealth at a young age. Witnessing the lurking temptations and the lack of consideration for life beyond a football career, Vincent developed a profound understanding of the importance of planning for the future. Real estate emerged as a pivotal aspect in his approach, offering security and serving as a means to establish a stable foundation for lifelong income.


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